English Available

Are you looking for PRI®︎ treatment in Japan, or considering to get therapeutic treatments from abroad?

A PRI provider/ DNS exercise trainer would love to take care of you. We would be flexible to arrange your treatment schedule.

Postural re-education/Back pain/ Knee pain/ Pelvic correction/ Optimazing your sports performance

I provide my services based on cutting-edge knowledge and skills in English as well. Please contact us via FB messenger from the link below.

Initial Visit 

  1. Fill out agreement and counseling sheet.
  2. Taking history.
  3. Perform orthopedic, neuromuscular, and postural assessments.
  4. Treatment : I utilize myofascial work, stretching, and other many treatment techniqueus. 
  5. Corrective exercise:I provide exercised for the muscle imbalance, neuromuscular re-education and motor control performance.
  6. Education and explanation: provide treatment plan, take-home advice, postural education, diet advice, and self-care. 

2nd/ 3rd Visit

Repeat 2. 〜6. as need.

Price(All inclusive)

¥66,000 for first 3 sessions

Facebook Messenger is available to contact us