English Available

Back pain/ Knee pain/ Pelvic correction/ Optimazing your sports performance

I provide my services based on cutting-edge knowledge and skills in English as well. Please add the official LINE account. Please feel free to contact.


Initial Visit (60min:¥12,000) 

  1. Fill out agreement and counseling sheet.
  2. Taking history.
  3. Perform orthopedic, neuromuscular, and postural assessments.
  4. Treatment : I utilize myofascial work, stretching, and other many treatment techniqueus. 
  5. Corrective exercise:I provide exercised for the muscle imbalance, neuromuscular re-education and motor control performance.
  6. Education and explanation: provide treatment plan, take-home advice, postural education, diet advice, and self-care. 

Second Visit (package price for 4-visit: ¥55,000)

Repeat 2. 〜6. as need.

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