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In holistic and somatic manner, well-being and general health conditions are promoted and preserved by restoration of human systems.

Takashi utilizes a variety types of technique and exercise method to meet your goal. He keep improving his proficienvy and competency of his clinical practice.

Are you looking for PRI®︎ treatment in Japan, or considering to get therapeutic treatments from abroad?

A PRI provider/ DNS exercise trainer would love to take care of you. My sports medicine background and expertise would be helpful for your somatic system. I would be flexible to arrange your treatment schedule.

Postural re-education/Back pain/ Knee pain/ Pelvic correction/ Optimazing your sports performance

I provide my services based on cutting-edge knowledge and skills in English as well. Please contact me via email or FB messenger from the link below.

On-site treatment session is available

During your staying in Japan, I can come visit your place/ room for treatment sessions. In Tokyo, traffic and transportation systems are complicated and alway busy. Without those, you can have treatment sessions at your place. (Travel/ transportation fee would be added depending upon locations.) Please let know if you want to receive treatment session at your place.

Initial Visit 

  1. Taking history.
  2. Perform orthopedic, neuromuscular, and postural assessments.
  3. Treatment : I utilize myofascial work, stretching, and other many treatment techniqueus. 
  4. Corrective exercise:I provide exercised for the muscle imbalance, neuromuscular re-education and motor control performance.
  5. Education and explanation: provide treatment plan, take-home advice, postural education, diet advice, and self-care. 

2nd/ 3rd Visit

Repeat 2. 〜6. as need.


Nearest station is FUTAKOTAMAGAWA, 20minutes away from SHIBUYA, Tokyo.

The location is 5 minutes away from the station on foot.

The physical address will be provided as your reservation process is completed.


Initial Consultation fee: 10,000 JPY (Tax Free)
Session fee: 15,000 JPY/ 90 min


Sorry, I do not accept any type of insurance.

Not only therapeutic exercise but also I utilize manual therapies such as myofascial release, joint mobilization.

I provide an individual care based upon your needs and preferences.

Your first visit will take 90〜120 minutes. For second visit or after, it usually takes 80〜90 minutes or longer if necessary.

Cash and credit cards are acceptable.

Facebook Messenger is available to contact us